Industry Leader Vodka Cruiser Re-Launches

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Vodka Cruiser embraces six new contemporary core flavours and three new saporous sugar-free flavours in the October brand re-launch.

The reformulation places a strong emphasis on the central six flavours, Wild RaspberryPure PineappleLush GuavaZesty Lemon-LimeSunny Orange Passionfruit, Bold Berry Blend – the new fruit inspired colours indicate their flavour credentials.
Vodka Cruiser’s new range now contains less sugar than previous ranges whilst maintaining the same level of quality in taste. In addition to the core range,Vodka Cruiser is launching a full flavoured sugar free range; Sugar Free Citrus Blend, Sugar Free Pomegranate & Guava and Sugar Free Mixed Berry.
The reformulated and repackaged Vodka Cruiser will maintain the brands success as industry leader in the Ready-to-Drink (RTD) category.

 Vodka Cruiser’s stylish new packaging showcases clean, modern and transparent labels denoting each flavours ‘character’ description, unique flavour symbol and the “Premium Triple Distilled Vodka” signature. The sleek silver and white collar houses the brand essence tag line “The Flavour of Life” and the stylised Eagle Crest logo.
 Independent Distillers Australia will uphold the current competitive price point and continue to promote current stock-keeping unit (SKU); 4 pack, mixed 6 pack basket, mixed 10 pack and case. Commenting on the new Vodka Cruiser range, Kate Phillips (Product & Brand Manager) stated, “This is one of the largest projects we have done on the Vodka Cruiser brand with the team addressing all components from pack, product development through to brand positioning. The relaunch has been driven by consumer insights which ensured that we made changes to the product mix.”
Vodka Cruiser beverages are distributed by the Independent Distillers Group, which is a subsidiary of Asahi Group Holdings, Ltd.

Crave director Joanna Savill Declares World Chef Showcase a premium event

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The Sydney Convention and Exhibition Centre staged the World Chef Showcase during Crave Sydney International Food Festival.  The two day weekend event attracted hundreds of food lovers, and was opened with a gala cocktail party attended by the dozen plus famous chefs participating, international and national media guests and industry ambassadors.

Chefs who wowed their adoring fans included Italy’s famous Massimo Bottura, Spain’s Jordi Roca and Italy’s star pizza chef Gabriele Bonci, Antonio Carluccio and our own Maggie Beer. Each was assisted in cooking for adoring fans by a team of 12 chefs from the Centre and 16 volunteer chefs.

With two showcase sessions running concurrently in the Centre throughout the weekend, no less than14 cooking stations were created in the Exhibition Centre hall to allow the visiting chefs and their teams to prepare food for their sessions, as well as two lunches for 150 people.

In all, more than 2500 dishes were served over the weekend to an appreciative audience.

The Centre’s Director of Food and Beverage Simon Lomas said the showcase was a significant logistical exercise with every chef requiring specific food items for their dishes.

“From our purchasing department down to our chefs and waitstaff, we all had to think outside the square and be spontaneous, flexible and accommodating.”

“The Centre had many ingredients to hand, others had to be sourced including local chef Alessandro Pavoni’s  Parmesan Vacche Rosse – a cheese made from the milk of red cows – and hay, used by English chef Jason Atherton for his full English Breakfast ”

Crave Festival Director Joanna Savill confirmed the event was an amazing feat.

“Everyone from the chefs to the attendees was really impressed with the Centre’s attention to detail and the care that was taken in ensuring that the World Chef Showcase was the premium experience it was designed to be. We were thrilled with the results,” Ms Savill said.