FAQ – NZ Lemon Aperitif Scores International Award

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F.A.Q. Lemon, a New Zealand made lemon aperitif, was recently awarded a Silver
Medal in the Liqueurs and Aperitifs Category at the World Beverage Competition in
the USA which is the largest competition for beverages in the world with over
20,000 entries this year alone.  Four medals only are awarded in each category:
Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze and with the silver medal this genuinely new and
exciting lemon juice-based liqueur has put New Zealand on the world-stage when it
comes to aperitifs.
F.A.Q. Lemon was the only non-US aperitif to win an award this year.
F.A.Q. Lemon is produced in Russell, in the beautiful Bay of Islands, by Sightwise
Ltd, a locally owned and operated company.
Every batch is made and bottled by hand and the utmost care is taken to preserve
the goodness of the all-natural ingredients and to deliver consistent quality and
taste on the highest level in every batch.  This effort was greatly rewarded by the
international judging panel of the World Beverage Competition.  Eva and Fabian
Kammerer, the heart and soul of Sightwise Ltd, are absolutely thrilled to have
received such recognition for their creativity and determination to bring a
world-class product to the highly competitive marketplace that New Zealand is
After more than three years of developing the aperitif, designing the contemporary
labels and the unique packaging to create a modern look and a distinctive brand,
Eva and Fabian are over the moon that their hard work has paid off in the form of an
international award of such magnitude. Especially since all this work was done
‘in-house’ by themselves.
“It is great that we won this award and we believe that this will help us to get F.A.Q.
Lemon to New Zealand retailers and wholesalers. I think some outlets who showed
interest to stock F.A.Q. Lemon initially were unsure whether it would sell, as it is so
different to anything else on the market. The award will help to reassure them to
stock F.A.Q. Lemon,” says Fabian.
Eva agrees: “We are convinced that the award will provide a solid base on which we
can build upon to boost our sales not just in New Zealand but overseas as well. We
have recently shipped our first consignment to Melbourne and already have a follow
up order from the same customer. We will also be represented at the upcoming
Melbourne ‘Good Food & Wine Show’ in June this year, which is fantastic.
We have to thank Sebastian Salamone from Kestrel Industries in Melbourne for his
on-going commitment and enthusiasm to bring F.A.Q. Lemon to the Australian
market. The show will enable us to introduce F.A.Q. Lemon to a large number of
people in Australia and hence to gain a foothold in this huge market.”
Hearing this, one can only wish them the best of luck and hope that New Zealand
will pick up on this marvellous, award-winning product.  This may well be the
starting point to a NZ-made success-story to prove once again that, even though
New Zealand is a small country, people with vision, determination and creativity and
of course willingness to take a risk, can make a difference.

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