Café Latte – specialist in Cucina Pugliese

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Italian food is continually ranked as the world's second favourite cuisine, (often
ranking behind Chinese or French pending on your view point) and when you find an
establishment that serves 'cucina regionale', made with integrity, authenticity and
yes, 'passione', you can understand why.
Café Latte (established 1991) is one such place but IS so much more than a café.
Located in the fashionably stylish Hawksburn Village, Café Latte is an establishment
with deep roots in Pugliese regional cooking. Not surprisingly, Café Latte's owner,
Luca Lorusso was born in Bari, Puglia Italy, and has had extensive experience in the
Italian hospitality industry, specifically Verona. Working in the industry from the age
of 10 years old Luca migrated to Australia in 1985 - working in the restaurant scene
until he opened Café Latte in 1991. Luca's own personal style, love of food, music
and wine touches every aspect of Café Latte. Entering Café Latte is like walking into
Luca's own home, such is the level of detail and attention lavished in the
restaurant, from ambient jazz music, soft lighting and freshly prepared dishes on
display, every aspect of Café Latte is about sharing Luca's passion for beautiful food
and wine.
Upstairs, Café Latte also has a capacious dining room for special occasions and on
the rare events, classically jazz trained pianist, Luca Lorusso brings in an acoustic
piano or chamber ensemble to add to the atmosphere.
The Café Latte menu offers daily house made seasonal specials and has an
emphasis on Pugliese classics such as 'Fave and Cicoria' (Bruschetta Snack) or
"Capunti con Cime di Rape'(a dish using the top of the turnip).
Serving Principi, first plate and second plates in true Italian tradition using fresh
seasonal produce, Café Latte offers a selection of authentic house made pastas, rich
braises, oven roasts, a robust ragu and carefully selected seafood dishes including
the Semolina dusted Calamari Fritti Con Rucola. Signature dishes include the
delicious 'Orecchiette con ragu di carne' and the satisfying 'Oven roasted goat with
peas, onions, white wine, potatoes and fresh garden herbs'.
Italian food, music and his third great love, Italian wine is evident at Café Latte. The
Café Latte wine list contains Italian regional grape varietals such as Soave, Rosso
Del Castel del Monte, Barbera, Barolo, Negroamaro, Vermentino, Greco del tufo and
other more obscure regional varieties.
Head Chef, Piero Prestopino sources the best quality ingredients imported direct
from Puglia, olive oils, cheese and dry pasta with no expense spared. Every other
aspect of the menu is house made, from scratch. The flavour and authenticity of the
dishes are unparalleled, which positions Café Latte as one of the most esteemed
Italian dining institutions, south of the river.
Whether it is a drop in for a café latte, which is Luca Lorusso's excellent coffee roast
or a four-course dinner with matching wines, Café Latte is a welcome reprieve for
hungry, thirsty and celebratory.
Café Latte serves 40 downstairs and upstairs for breakfast, lunch and dinner, 7 days
a week

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